Our last chat with Chris and Joan


We're on our way

The ferry that took us to Spain

My first view of the villa

Side shot of our villa

Our small orchard

Life in Spain - the journey and my first glimpse of Spain and our villa

Prior to our leaving Stockport, one of our neighbours Chris, and her friend Joan, invited us into her house for a "final" chat. Opposite is a photo of us, taken in Chris's house shortly before we left for Spain. Below that is a photo Chris took of us as we actually started out on our new adventure.

The emigrating party, consisting of Peter, Mollie, Zac, Callie and myself, left Stockport on Sunday 7th July, in our trusty, albeit it somewhat aged, silver Ford Granada Estate at around 19.00 in the evening. Several neighbours we had known for years came out to wave us a fond farewell (at least that is what they said they were doing!) - a touching moment that suddenly made us fully realise what a major decision we had taken. We left Stockport, that evening, with both a feeling of excitement, coupled with a tinge of sadness. We then drove through the night to Plymouth, arriving there at around 02.00 am in the early hours of Monday 8th July.

Around 08.00 we boarded a superb 10 decked ferry and set sail for Santander in Northern Spain - a 24 hour crossing. Unfortunately the weather that day was very cloudy, breezy and cold, meaning that we spent the whole voyage "indoors". That said there were shops, bars, three restaurants, a swimming pool and even a cinema on board. (see picture on left) We arrived at Santander, in the early morning of the 9th July, had breakfast and departed the ferry around 9.00 am.

Having disembarked the ferry, we got the maps out and then drove to our newly purchased villa situated in the village of La Barraca d-Aigues Vives, which is in the beautiful Province of Valencia
- a full 12 hours drive away. We arrived safe and well at our villa, at around 21.00 that evening, where we were warmly welcomed by our newly acquainted Spanish neighbours.

When I entered our villa, for the first time , I was totally overwhelmed. I saw that it was built on two floors and comprised six bedrooms, two large lounges, two kitchens, two bathrooms, a huge balcony, in total equating to around 350 square metres of surface area - three times the room that I enjoyed in my previous detached house in Birchwood Close, Heaton Mersey Stockport.
(see photos to left)

The villa is set in around 3,000 square metres of land which has lots of fruit trees including :- orange, lemon, cherry, manderine, pink grapefruit, peach, apple, and necterine trees.
Additionally there are numerous concreted areas where our dogs could play. If that was not enough there are numerous trees for our cats to climb.

Since taking over the villa we have now segregated certain areas and have, for instance, created our own little orchard, which is really a joy to see when it fruits throughout the year.
(see photo to left)

Like to see exactly where our villa is situated in La Barraca d'Aigues Vives? If so click here


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