Below is a photo of Mitzi, a favourite pet of mine, who
I brought with me from England

Mitzi a cat I brought with me from the U.K.


About me

My name is May and I am over 21 with a daughter June, who is also "just" over 21, she tells me.
I was born in Manchester and spent my latter years, in the U.K., in not so sunny Stockport.
I have three grandchildren Jenna and Ian, who currently live in the North East of the U.K., and my grandson Rhys who lives with his Mum and Dad in Rawtenstall.

Having moved in July 2002, I now live in the countryside just outside the pueblo (a small village) La Barraca d'Aigues Vives which is situated in the beautiful, orange blessed, Province of Valencia, here in sunny Spain.

I live with my partner Peter, several dogs and three cats in a large villa (floor area approx 360 sqr mtrs) which has orange, lemon, cherry, manderine, pink grapefruit, peach, apple and necterine trees, in its extensive grounds - measuring approximately 3,000 sq mtrs.

We also have a huge concreted play area for the dogs.


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